Here we go!

Posted on 12th September 2008 by

Congratulations to Naomi who has become the Impetus Blog’s first Author and now feels the huge weight of expectation as we await her first contribution (only joking… or am I?).

Feel free to publish any thoughts or comments (however daft you might think they are) about the way in which we might involve people (our volunteers for example) in the use of a blog. Posts about the ‘real’ work we do are also important as they will hopefully become the bedrock of the blog…

If anything I post is complete rubbish, which it will be, please comment.  Likewise, any post can be edited or removed if it contains anything contentious. In the name of transparency, however,  we hope not to delete or edit anything that is posted on the blog.

I will be posting every couple of days, in order to create the illusion of activity . Hopefully over time, the blog’s authors will begin to write more stuff and the content will become more relevant to the people we are trying to connect with.

3 responses to this post.

  1. sussexdownsman says:

    It was exciting to hear of this blog at the strategy day yesterday. Congratulations to those who have promoted it an developed it!

    David B

  2. Impetus Blog Admin says:

    Well done, Sarah, and welcome to this lonely place – you have earned at least 2 gold stars. See my next post ‘Tumbleweed Moments’ and feel free to comment (or act) on it!

  3. hendrickx1 says:

    Blimey! I managed to work out how to get here, which is a surprise mostly to myself. What shall we talk about then?

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