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Posted on 11th September 2008 by

Welcome to the Impetus Blog, where members, staff, volunteers and others associated with the work of Brighton & Hove Impetus can get involved and discuss things.

Please feel free to post whatever you like as long as it isn’t rude, abusive or insulting. Any comments that make a positive contribution to the blog are welcomed as is anything personal, humorous, or otherwise unrelated. The idea of this blog is to connect the people who make up the communities we are all involved in.

I am Dave, the administrator of the Impetus Blog. I am helping out with the blog on a volunrtary basis and I am also the website & IT volunteer at Brighton and Hove Volunteer Centre, which is part of Impetus.

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  1. sussexdownsman says:

    How do we request the authority to post (rather than comment, which I am doing now), please?

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